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16 years and above

 NOTE: Sale of Prospectus for the year 2019-20 has begun 

1-year Diploma in Theatre

No, it is not just another acting class!

Our course is designed to help all kinds of people who are interested in theatre. 

We believe that Theatre is the ultimate way of expressing yourself.


Our well thought out course strikes a  balance between theory and practicals. 

It also provides students with an opportunity to have hands-on experience in some subjects like makeup, costume, lighting etc​​

Why this course..?

Some take up this course for learning and some to develop their soft skills. Vijayanagara Bimba is a very good place to hone your acting skills. Not interested in acting then we also offer an excellent opportunity to explore other theatre arts like lighting, makeup, costumes etc. 


The course helps people from all walks of life to better themselves as a person. ​

Course Structure

1. Classes

Classes will be conducted by Academicians and practising theatre professionals. 

Classes are usually on weekends Saturday 7 to 9 pm and Sunday 10 am - 1 pm. 

When there are productions then rehearsals will be conducted during evenings. 

This course caters to all type of interested people. ​

2. Examinations

By the end of the course, examinations are conducted. There are two theory and three practical papers. People who pass the examinations and participate in the classroom and major productions will be given the Diploma certificate from Vijayanagara Bimba. 

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