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Heege Irabeku & Hoovinnota - 1

The Final Production of Chinnara Chittara - 2019

The Final Production of Chinnara Chittara's (Summer camp for 3 to 8 year olds) Morning Batch is here. This year, we present to you two plays:

- Heege Irabeku: Based on Rashtrakavi G S Shivarudrappa's "Kalpavrukshada Kelage". Written & Directed by S V Sushma.

- Hoovinnota: Based on the poem "Poochna Maali Se". Written & Directed by Dr. S V Kashyap

Come and Enjoy these plays performed by the Tiny Tots of this year's Chittara




Ticket Price:

13 April 2019
11:30 AM
Chitrakoota School, Hampinagara


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